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We've received some good news from L.C.S. Limited, who have just released a new game site. This newcomer bears the name One Step Casino and is an addition to the backer's family of many-headed sites. Previous creations from this company include NucleonBet and Wallacebet, both of which are big names.

But now the lessons learned from the previous ones have been combined with fresh technology and One Step Casino is celebrating its launch. With a modern look, the site has entertainment from all directions, with betting sites featuring on its listings alongside traditional games. Herein lies one of the biggest reasons why we should take a closer look at this youngster.

So there's plenty to play for, but other aspects need to be in place for players to have some enjoyable encounters. Let's take a look at the general operation, payment options, and customer service, all of which play a major role in running a top-class gaming hub these days.

Website Look and Theme

Let's start an interesting journey of discovery by delving into the exterior of this product, which is memorable for a number of reasons. The overall vibe has been enlivened by a delightful use of colour and by the introduction of a number of spectacular solutions to the exterior. Despite these indulgences, the look is not overdone but is at the same time restrained and in line with modern standards.

The first thing that catches the eye, of course, is the banner at the top of the screen, which features a series of changing windows with different characters scrolling through the information. There's the suited Mr Pig in his top hat, and the elegant gentlemen of the underworld, who, with their gruff but stylised appearance, evoke the look of One Step Casino.

In terms of colour scheme, One Step Casino sails in a dark, soft purple, which brings a calm and firm character. With these shades, it wants to communicate that it is as solid as a rock, a rock you can trust. On the whole, the clear look and the calm colouring provide a very good framework for adventures in the world of gaming.

Usability and Navigation 

Inside the beautiful shell, you'll also find a top-quality interface that's a snap to implement. One Step Casino loads at a brisk pace and there's plenty of other fun to be had, with no nasty bumps in the wheel of entertainment. The buttons on display and the games in the selection match the user's movements precisely, so there's no unnecessary agony along the way.

The portal's buttons and their positioning have been designed by doctors of usability science, with navigation tools in their proper places. In this respect, One Step Casino truly lives up to its name, with almost every corner accessible at a single step.

The menu, which takes over the left-hand side of the screen, puts games, promotions, and options for joining and logging in at the touch of a mouse or finger. What's more, from the same corner you can also translate One Step Casino into multiple languages. Customer service and other important information and links can then be found right at the bottom of the portal, where icons of partners also appear.

One Step Casino Bonuses

Players starting their own journey on a fresh site can choose to claim the welcome bonus on offer, which not only warms the mind but also the account. At One Step Casino, your first deposit is doubled up to €200, with a nice 20 free spins bonus on top.

  • 1st deposit: 100% up to €200 + 20 free spins on Piggy Bank Bills

No code is required to activate the bonus, but the player must choose the offer on their first deposit. Once the minimum deposit of €20 is made, the chips and reels will be unlocked.

Looking at the terms and conditions a little more closely, the wagering requirements pop up. Both the deposit amount and the euros received as a benefit must be wagered a total of 50 times within 30 days of activation. If any winnings appear on the reels, they must be wagered 35 times.

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One Step Casino Games 

Let's take the next steps towards the gaming coverage on offer, which is why people often head to similar sites. The layout on display is immediately revealed in the lobby, but the side menu also has buttons to navigate to machines, live games, betting, and live bets. While One Step Casino's sports section is impressive, this time we'll focus on the world of slot machines.

There's a fair amount of variety on the slots, so you need to get the breakdown right, or else it's going to be a tar run. There's also a lot of effort put into it, although only a few categories come up at first. This is explained by the filter on the side of the page, which allows the user to choose between several categories and themes.

Of course, what most people are interested in is who is responsible for these games and their delivery. The answer to this question is heart-warming, as One Step Casino has joined forces with a number of top-class game houses. Big players such as Big Time Gaming and NetEnt have taken up the baton, but smaller talents are also emerging among the dozens of studios.


This is a category with which everyone will be familiar, at least on some level, as it is such a traditional form of gaming. The principle of operation is very simple, and slot machines were first introduced in shops and kiosks. Since going online, the popularity of slot machines has continued to grow and they have become classics in their own right.

There is a strong focus on the category in terms of releases and One Step Casino is no exception. There's a huge variety of machines to choose from, both from the well-known end of the spectrum and more recent releases. The list is also constantly updated, so if you can't find your favourite, you can request it via customer service.

Jackpot games

The same signposted path continues with the jackpots, as there are a fair handful of these on offer too. There are dozens to choose from and the biggest favourites are in your face, with big wins up for grabs from the likes of Mega Moolah.

The category has been given a big boost and no wonder, as the tray is full and it bears showing off. One Step Casino is a great destination for jackpot lovers and the sizeable selection offers both huge millions and smaller slices within reach.

Megaways games

This company is also turning heads as it takes off, and the Megaways are highly regarded by the gaming public. Still, occasionally we come across venues that do not have a category for this sport. There is no need for endless tapping of the search box at One Step Casino, which has put together its own category for these machines.

At the time of publication, there were already over 100 players in this series and we expect this number to increase, as it is such a popular game type. Familiar titles have been bumped up to the top of the range, but there are also some gadgets with potential further down the line.

Live Casino & Table Games

Once you've exhausted the spinning reels and spinning patterns, or if it's just the card and roulette games that pique your interest, it's time to look for the Live Games button in the left-hand menu. This will throw the visitor straight to a selection that will impress at first glance.

Although the options have been lumped together, filters are available to help you sort them by category and manufacturer. However, this requires initiative, as there are no ready-made lists. The hardest players in this category are present and players can enjoy themselves in great environments.

One Step Casino Support 

If the going gets rough or the path gets rocky, help is at hand. Players are looked after by cheerful customer service professionals whose sole job is to solve problems and clarify ambiguous situations. The instructions for contacting them can be found in the bottom bar of One Step Casino, which reveals that there is no 24-hour service.

The FAQ section is available as first aid and, if necessary, communication is handled as usual via live chat and email ([email protected]), which are familiar from almost every site in the industry. The chat lines are open from mid-morning until late at night and the inbox is not blocked at all, but can be sent at any time. However, there is no response outside of opening hours, so before you start a chat, make sure the helpdesk is open.

The quickest way to get help is of course the chat, which opens in the bottom right-hand corner of One Step Casino. After asking a few specific questions, you can type in your problem and the service will open a connection to customer support. Real-time chat allows you to provide further details and exchange messages to ensure that your problem is solved as soon as possible.

One Step Casino Payments 

This is an area where new entrants have nothing to lose, as the payment methods and policies of gambling sites are now almost identical. Everyone has the same familiar services to make deposits and withdrawals, and the current technologies do not allow them to stand out from the crowd. The differences are mainly due to the login method chosen and the number of individual methods available.

One Step Casino, which relies on a traditional sign-up process, is one of those individuals that gives players a wild choice of different ways to transfer money. The list shows that there are card payments, e-wallets, and other online payments as well as just plain bank transfers. So nothing special under the sun, as withdrawal requests are accepted within 72 hours and you can expect your money to arrive within around 1-3 days.

But the limits on transfers make One Step Casino stand out from the grey mass, as the minimum amounts it chooses are very moderate. For a deposit, only €15 is enough and the smallest withdrawal that is possible is €25. Although this withdrawal limit varies from one payment method to another, with a maximum of €100.

Gaming Licence Information 

A quick scroll to the very bottom of the portal reveals the familiar and secure logo found on so many quality gaming sites. Namely, the Maltese Authority (MGA/B2C/233/2013) and its presence is heavily featured in One Step Casino's operations. Strict rules and regulations keep the operation transparent and safe for every customer.

There is absolutely no room for cheating and the authority keeps a close eye on every move the gaming hub makes. This institution is by far the number one on the market and anyone wishing to obtain a licence must be a thoroughly honest individual. So, in terms of certification, this newcomer is right up there with the best.

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Trustpilot Players Reviews

“My journey in these circles was smooth and very comfortable, thanks of course to the handsome exterior. The games were on display at first sight and there was a huge number of them on offer. I might pop back again, it's such a good place to be.”

“I had never been to this publisher's sites before, so I went with an open mind to make the acquaintance. The account was opened in minutes and the deposit was delivered quickly. Withdrawals took a couple of days, but in a ready-made world, there's no rush.”

“I always keep my devices in a dark room, so I don't really like bright or white pages, and I choose my gaming sites accordingly. One Step Casino was a welcome newcomer, as there was plenty to play and you could get your bets in while spinning.”

The racks have been up and running with the first bang and no complaints or niggles have been raised about the initial acceleration. The easy-to-navigate environment and wide variety has appealed to players, and One Step Casino is building its story around that. This has also been reflected by the players, who have repeatedly expressed their satisfaction.

It is easy to agree with these comments and the young company seems to be on solid ground. Of course, a well-established backing company helps in the beginning, but one's own name should not be tarnished and the focus has clearly been and will continue to be on keeping it clean.

One Step Casino Loyalty Rewards 

While this newcomer will suit the casual gaming consumer like a glove, the more active gamer will certainly get more out of this site. Alongside a wide range of games, One Step Casino has its own loyalty programme, but there's no need for any kind of achievement or points accumulated to play in this fun water park. There are plenty of changing benefits and promotions to make your trip a pleasant one.

However, if you don't want to chase the perks and just want to spin the reels or sit at the live tables from time to time, that's fine too. The catalogue is wide and varied enough to share with others, so there's plenty of fun to be had. In addition, varying betting destinations and live betting add variety to the action.

One thing, however, has to be pointed out about One Step Casino, as we live in a hectic internet age where there is no time to waste. In the case of the operator, withdrawals take more time than their faster counterparts, which still allow the same games and strokes. If you can live with that, then this is a release worth checking out.

Is One Step Casino a scam?

To pass the scrutiny of our editorial staff, it is not enough to make individual claims about security and honesty, because we don't believe in them one bit. However, the youth member under review does a fine job of raising the bar, as every aspect of it convinces the prestigious jury.

First, of course, the EEA authority is put on the ladder, as not just anyone with a licence can sail into the gambling industry. This stamp, held by One Stop Casino, is in itself a strong proof of reliability, as the insurance of this institution requires a completely watertight operation.

On the payments side, things are also well in hand, as money transfers are handled by globally renowned services. The funds flash from one place to another behind strong encryption, and there is no need to sweat over them. What's more, One Step Casino has protected its own site with a tight security system and player data is kept safe and secure. So we can safely answer the subtitle's question succinctly: no, it is not.

Summary and Verdict 

The newly opened operator has come to the market as a complete package, with every aspect of its operation polished to the last detail. In terms of the interface, One Step Casino follows the industry standard and outdoes many of the creations in terms of ease of use. It also rivals a number of hard-core operators in terms of clarity, so it's not exactly a wet blanket.

Signing up is a breeze and then the gates to a handsome range of products open wide. There is a huge choice of machines alone, and betting on the site widens the range considerably.

This is a potential and emerging talent whose story we will continue to follow with interest. If your interest is piqued, we invite you to check out whether the offering is for you. We have a strong track record of creating game sites, and we'll give you a lot of style points for that.

One Step Casino FAQ 

Is One Step Casino a trustworthy online casino?

It is a trusted operator that holds a license issued by a public authority. Its partners are also honest when it comes to payments, so you can rest assured.

How do I open an account at One Step Casino?

To open an account, you need to click on the login button on the homepage and fill in the required information in the form. This will create a login for you, which you can then use to log in.

Where can players' experience with One Step Casino?

We have listed a number of comments left by players in the context of this article, revealing their feelings about the recent release. In addition, we visited the site ourselves and carried out a review.

Does One Step Casino offer bonuses and free spins to new customers?

Yes, so there's no need to start your own quest empty-handed. Your first deposit is doubled up to €200 and 20 free spins are added on top.

How fast are deposits and withdrawals at One Step Casino?

Deposits move almost in real-time to your account, but withdrawals take longer. Depending on the payment method used, withdrawals are received within around 1-3 days.

Is One Step Casino a scam?

It's not a scam if you suspect it is. A completely valid gambling site operating under the supervision of an authority. Its site is protected by strong SSL encryption and your money is transferred by reputable parties.

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