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Huikee Kasino Bonuses 

Today's test drive features a stylish and literally stunning newcomer with a promising name. However, to the chagrin of many, Huikee doesn't offer a huge package of perks for new players, but instead of traditional offers, this site offers a VIP program.

So you won't be able to grab chips or free games, or any of the other classic perks, with your opening deposit. Instead, you'll get a real rush and a straightforward ride, with the added bonus of VIP rewards.

With a total of four different rewarding levels on offer, it's definitely worth concentrating your play on Huikee. This will help you progress through the levels smoothly and you'll be able to grab a whole host of rewards from the programme.

Huikee Kasino Overview 

Once again, Mankel has a hilarious and downright staggering newcomer, bearing the succinct and eloquent name Huikee. It's a site that opened in 2021, so it's not exactly a brand new masterpiece, but the novelty is still there with this stunning gaming site.

Today's programme is of course a review of Huikee and an in-depth look at the site, so if you're looking for information on this excellent newcomer, you've come to the right place. The review of this operator, powered by White Hat Gaming, opens up below, where you'll find all the information you need and want to know about the cave and what it has to offer.

The same team includes, for example, hit sites for the Northern European market such as Simppeli, Pelataan and Vauhti Kasino, so you'll already have plenty of experience with localised and fast-paced gaming caves. Now let's pull on our review pants and see if this newcomer lives up to the high expectations!

Huikee Website Appearance 

In terms of appearance, Huikee is just as gorgeous as the name suggests, so you're in for a slick and streamlined package! On top of everything else that's good about the operator's site, it's also good-looking and stylish, making it a really nice site to spend some quality time with.

In particular, there is a clear focus on straightforwardness and speed, with the bends and turns being well and truly straight. The number one priority is clearly speed, so this is a full-blooded deposit and play-style site that runs smoothly and without the need to create an account.

The site's colour scheme features bright greens and whites, as well as other enhancement colours. The overall look and feel is really good and the site runs extremely smooth and snappy, so there's no need to worry about loading times. There is no particular theme to the site, and in all honesty, there is no need for one.

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Huikee Kasino Games 

This excellent site offers its customers nothing but the best and nothing but the best, which means that when it comes to the game selection, things are first class. So, to put it bluntly, the range is staggering, so in this respect too, Huikee is definitely living up to its name!

A strong games library with a first-class selection of the best games on the market, so if you're particularly keen on great slots and live games, this operator is definitely not to be missed! Of course, fans of other game genres are also catered for, so there's plenty of variety to choose from.


As for the game providers, Huikee has, in the familiar White Hat Gaming style, brought in the best and most award-winning names in the industry, such as the perennial favourites Play'n GO, Microgaming, and NetEnt, as well as Evolution Gaming, the number one pioneer in live gaming, and many smaller and medium-sized top-tier providers, whose products you can enjoy like a fish in water.


The best of all the offerings at Huikee is definitely in the slots department, which means that every slot lover will enjoy the first-class selection. The quality of the selection includes an incredible number of the best slots on the market, so the standard is really high.

There are of course the evergreen classics that everyone knows, as well as some brand new hit slots! Of course, there are also more unusual and lesser-known games in the genre, so the overall selection is a very diverse and entertaining cross-section of the entire gaming genre.

Jackpot Games

There's also a lot of fun to be had for fans of jackpot games, with a dedicated ‘Must Go Jackpots' category for the genre's most exciting titles. As you might expect, some of the genre's brightest stars are also included, such as Microgaming's Mega Moolah titles with their staggering payouts.

There also seem to be some big payout grinders from NetEnt, such as the legendary Divine Fortune, and there's also a ridiculous number of slightly smaller-pot, little-known jackpot games to choose from.

Live Games

As you'd expect, Huikee's live casino is also packed full of hot and heavy stuff! Of course, the best of the bunch are the award-winning and excellent live games from Evolution Gaming, alongside some Pragmatic brainchildren.

In traditional style, the selection is very comprehensive and varied, meaning you'll get to enjoy all the familiar and some of the more obscure live games with real dealers. With a wide variety of entertainment and several different versions of almost every game available, there's plenty to choose from!

Other Games

In terms of other games, the offerings follow a fairly traditional pattern, with players being able to enjoy traditional table games without live features and a real operator, for example. There's also a category dedicated entirely to scratch cards, so there's plenty of entertainment to be had in that area too.

There are no other more specific game genres on the site, but using the search function you may come across a few bingo games in the selection. Using the search you can also easily browse the large selection of Megaways games, which will satisfy even the most experienced gambler.

Huikee Kasino Payments 

This site relies very heavily on momentum, which means it's a full-blooded deposit and play site. As such, payments are made in real-time and very easily via Trustly, and there is no requirement to create a separate account at all.

Pay N Play by Trustly is easy to use, even if you are not familiar with the service. In all simplicity, all you have to do is enter the amount you want to deposit on the homepage and then log in with your bank account details.

Upon logging in, both the player's identity and the deposit are verified through strong authentication, so it's a really secure service. The money is then transferred directly to your account for your use! With regard to withdrawals, the service is excellent, as winnings are transferred to your bank account within minutes.

Huikee Kasino Support 

This site is tuned to the highest level of customer service, with a helpful and fully localised support centre that provides players with outstanding service. In a pinch, you should definitely check out what's on offer in the amazing FAQ section, where you may find a solution to your problem straight away.

However, if you need a more in-depth and personalised service, you can approach support either via live chat or email ([email protected]). The chat is a great place to be for many reasons, not least because it's available 24/7, so you can chat about your problems in the middle of the night, and help is always on hand!

Of course, you can also do it via email, but that's obviously a slightly slower way to get in touch than live chat. Fortunately, emails are also very responsive, so both are very good, although live chat is slightly better between the two.

Pay and Play Games

Players' Experiences

“It's just as amazing as the name of the site suggests! It's outrageously hard stuff for a Nordic player, and the action was so fast and furious that even the lack of a classic front pack didn't dampen Huikee's sparkle! It's an absolutely fantastic site.”

“A straightforward and very businesslike gaming cave that's a real pleasure to play in. The range of games is second to none and slot players in particular are spoilt with a very diverse and high quality selection that will not leave any slot enthusiast cold.”

“It's a pity that the traditional opening offer is not available, but otherwise the performance is absolutely top class and a commendable first class. With plenty of speed, top of the range games and localised customer service around the clock, it's easy to be really happy with something like this!”

These palaces, which have been found in the depths of the internet, speak volumes about the fact that Huikee is undoubtedly a gaming cave worthy of the name. The only more critical comments were about the front pack and its absence, but even this was not particularly criticised and the mood was extremely positive.

The speed of the site and the choice of games, both of which are undoubtedly top of the range, were the subject of cursory praise. If speed is what counts and quality is what you're after, this 2021 top-ranked site is worth a test for players who have already tried it.

Is Huikee Reliable?

This operator is part of the large and reputable White Hat Gaming family, so it's a totally legit and reliable operator. The operator has been providing players with entertainment honestly and successfully for over a year now, which of course means that this is a gaming cave that follows the proper rules.

The site is committed to complying with the rules and regulations imposed on it by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA/B2C/370/2017), which is a prerequisite for obtaining the MGA operating licence held by Huikee. The site is strictly monitored by the authorities, so there is no room for unfair practices or any other such shenanigans.

Our Final Thoughts 

All the essentials have now been covered and the fact that Huikee is one of the best speed gaming sites on the market must have shone through! The whole is extremely polished, with no one area being left behind and all-round good, impeccable gaming entertainment from some of the best in the business!

This newcomer deserves special praise for being a straightforward and fully localised site, meaning no language skills are required and the pace is as fast as Formula One! The fact that customer service is available 24/7 in a localised way is also absolutely fantastic.

Combine all this with games that are right up there with the best on the market, and the entertainment package really starts to look more than just right. If you're looking for a fast-paced and highly functional gaming cave that leaves nothing to chance, Huikee is definitely one of the top sites to try!

What kind of casino player is Huikee for?

If you're looking for a site specifically designed for the Northern European market and extremely well localised, Huikee is a must-have! The overall experience is insanely good and is also perfect for players with no language skills, so language skills or knowledge of English are not a prerequisite for enjoying this operator's services.

Speed freaks also get their fair share, so this is a no-brainer even if you're interested in straightforward bankcard gaming. Speedy payments and swift money transfers are hard currency, so fans of direct action are guaranteed to like this aspect.

Of course, another great plus is the European operating licence granted to Huikee by the regulatory authorities. As a result, all European players can withdraw their winnings from the site in full, and there is no need to get in trouble with the taxman.

Verdict on Huikee 

Having previously enjoyed a number of sites run by White Hat, I was naturally delighted to discover Huikee's offerings. And as I expected, these titles are the absolute best in the gaming world, so here's an absolute cracker of a newcomer!

I enjoyed the site's offerings immensely, so I can already reveal that my experience was a very positive one, and I have nothing bad to say about the site. Of course, a person with a tendency to complain might grumble a little about the lack of an upfront package, but I'm used to this kind of fast-paced approach.

Plus, the site also deserves credit for the fact that things really do move at a brisk pace! The payment service is Trustly, the industry's number one, and at least I'm very happy with the speedy service. No separate account creation is required, and the games can be accessed conveniently via strong authentication.

I liked the straightforward and to-the-point approach of the site, so I had no hesitation in printing a deposit via Trustly. The whole process was just as easy as ever, so there were no bumps in the road and it was very easy and painless to get to the finish line, and of course, above all, fast.

Once the money was in, it was of course time to play. I immediately went on to grind through the slots on offer, which I found to be extremely varied and high quality. There is plenty of entertainment to be had, and with titles from some of the industry's toughest producers on offer, the quality and quantity is good. This time, however, there was no success in the form of winnings, but tomorrow is a new day and a new company!

Huikee Kasino FAQs

Is Huikee Kasino a safe casino?

Yes, this operator is a completely safe and reliable entertainment provider. It is powered by a giant owner and duly licensed with the most renowned operating license on the market.

Does Huikee distribute bonuses or free spins to its players?

There are none of the traditional and usual introductory players offers, meaning that there are no free games or other benefits to be had right out of the gate. There is, however, a VIP program, where you can nab perks and rewards.

How do I open an account with Huikee Casino?

You don't even need to create an account! All you need to do is head over to the operator's website, make a deposit via the homepage and authenticate yourself with your strong banking credentials. This makes playing a breeze and hassle-free!

Is Huikee Kasino a scam?

This is a completely honest and fair operator that does not engage in any dishonesty or cheating. This is guaranteed by the license held by the site, under the terms of which any dishonest activity is prohibited.

How can I make deposits and withdrawals at Huikee Kasino?

The range of payment methods available on the site is very limited, with only one operator specialising in money transfers. This service is extremely secure, reliable and fast, so it ensures that your money flows smoothly.

Which licence does Huikee operate under and are the winnings tax-free?

The site holds an operating licence issued by the leading European gaming authority, which allows all European players to withdraw their winnings in full, with no tax bite taking a cut of your money.

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