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Mega Scratch Casino free spins bonuses

MegaScratch Online Casino – mobile & desktop

A warm welcome for new Megascratch Casino players! Open your account with at using our banner (or link) and claim 20 free spinsno deposit bonus. In addition, trigger your welcome bonus pack of €400 free money and 155 gratis spins. That's not all, the casino also will give you a €10 free chip as a complimentary bonus. So, what are you waiting for?

Winning €50 Million at Megascratch Is Practical

How many gaming sites can pride themselves in allowing individual winnings of millions of dollars? Clearly that is not for the average gaming site. At Megascratch, anyone can log in and buy scratch cards, and then proceed to play the games of their choice from the very many games available on the site. Whereas there are many web visitors who are there to take advantage of the great opportunity to learn and practice a wide range of games, a sizeable number want to buy scratch cards online, make deposits, and proceed to play for real money. They actually visualize themselves with big winnings.

Recent Winnings

Very often, there is a lot of excitement when a player wins a million dollars. That is often equated to having hit a jackpot! Yet as recently as the month of June 2016, one player at Megascratch bought scratch cards for regular play, and ended up having his bankers smiling with him when he won an enviable €49,587,829. Of course, there were other respectable winnings below this staggering amount. These are the kind of winnings that tell all and sundry that the site is not a joke but is serious in giving customers what they want – fun, cash and real hope. This principle is communicated when the site speaks of taking care of its customers. It is good to watch regular players come back again and again and buying scratch cards online getting ready to play, but it is even more satisfying to witness a regular player win big time.

For Megascratch, customers are clearly what they are primarily concerned about. This is evident when uses the term, care, as an acronym for the general attitude. C in care stands for Customers; A for Are; R for Really; and lastly, E stands for Everything. There is evidence of genuine care for customers at the gaming site even without emphasizing the reality of big winnings. Megascratch is not complacent with great sales from scratch cards or from the ever growing clicks from regular and potential gamers. Instead, the Megascratch fraternity is happy when web visitors have a great fun experience to narrate to fellow gamers elsewhere; when players are able to say how easy it is to navigate through the site’s web pages, and more so the gaming areas; and of course, when players can say that winning at Megascratch is not a dream but a reality, and that from personal winnings and testimonies from others.

You Can Play And Invest

Essentially what this shows is that what many views as a gaming arena for fun lovers who know no other life, can turn, and often does turn, to be a great source of business funding. The fact that players are enthusiastic about buying scratch cards online and having an exciting time at Megascratch does not preclude them from becoming great investors. In fact, many are those who use their scratch cards to try out the different games available, and have no qualms placing cash deposits with the site. For such passionate players whose main focus is play and more play, it is amidst the intense fun that winnings show up on their screen as a great surprise.

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